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Akira Okabe

Akira Okabe

Torstaina, 2. syyskuuta, klo 19

Akira Okabe  - Guitar & Ukulele

Keijirou Kakeda - guitar

Liput 4€ ennakko, 6€ ovelta

Huom! Kaikkien ennakkolipun varanneiden kesken arvotaan kaksi Akiran CD:tä.


Tiedustelut ja varaukset: / 050-588 6867ä-Talo/259434477500201?ref=ts&fref=ts

On this tour I perform either as solo guitarist or with another guitarist. The concert at Vihreä Talo will be acoustic guitar & ukulele, duo live concert.

I will play my original songs from my CD, and also some jazz pieces plus pop standards.

Our gig will have many colors.

I want to give the audience relaxing time, like medicine for your mind and soul.

I hope you can just relax and have some fun.

Here, a teaser from my CD:

You're welcome to enjoy my concert!

- Akira